The iCAMhub offers advertising opportunities for both individual therapists and businesses/organisations.


Individual therapists can apply to become a “Featured Therapist” on the iCAMhub homepage by paying an annual subscription. Being featured on the homepage raises a therapist’s profile by enabling users of the iCAMhub to see their profile first.

These featured slots are limited in availability, currently to 30 slots, and are allocated on an auction basis. At times when all the slots are taken therapists can request to be added to the waiting list and will be offered a slot when one becomes available on a first come, first serve basis.


Businesses and organisations can take advantage of the banner advertising slots which appear at the bottom of the homepage. As with all advertising on the iCAMhub there is very limited availability, currently 5 banner slots, which are allocated on a first come, first served basis. These banner adverts give the best and most prominent opportunity to be seen by users of the site.

Advertising slots can normally be purchased on an annual basis, although other shorter periods can be secured subject to availability and terms.

Anyone wishing to be featured on our homepage as a therapist or organisation, or who would like further information about availability and costs, should contact us.

To discuss your requirements please get in touch on the Contact Us page.