Following the cancellation of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths Conference 2020, we will hold a two day event in 2021, complete with a party!

It is titled: Healthy medicine!

One of the many advantages of being a homeopath is that we can utilise medicines, or techniques used in other holistic disciplines, to deliver a bespoke, individualised prescription to our patients, a prescription which is specifically calibrated to deliver optimum health. Individualised prescribing is not limited to humans; it extends everywhere, and can be applied to the environment in which we live, with remarkable effect.

In this seminar, we extend our reach. We start by exploring the extraordinary potential of the medicinal use of CBD oil. We see how agro-homeopathy could change the face of agriculture, for the better. We look at the all-importance influence of women in the development of homeopathy, and we view autoimmune disease from a holistic perspective. We have a super line-up of speakers.

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