The Integrative Health Convention 2019

The Integrative Health Convention (IHC) 2019 in association with the College of Medicine brings together Conventional and Complementary Therapists for the second year. Last year, it succeeded in attracting delegates and speakers from the fields of medicine and complementary therapy with about 40% doctors and nurses and 60% complementary therapists attending this showcase of different therapies involved in Health and Healing.

The Integrative Health Convention showcases different hour-long lectures with over 30 talks to choose from on different topics ranging from Acupuncture to Ayurveda, TCM to Yoga, Nutrition to Hypnosis, and many more. Each lecture aims to explain their particular field and subject, and focuses on giving you something to take away from that hour, as well as information on how to learn more.

This year, the College of Medicine’s Dr Michael Dixon will be giving a keynote speech on Integrating Conventional and Complementary and the Relevance of Integrated Health to the Health Service and Sustainability, which will no doubt be interesting for doctors and therapists.

The aim of the Convention is to Share, Learn, and Connect, putting differences aside and coming together to find out better ways for people to get better using more than just one form of health or healing.

Come join this exciting and amazing value convention featuring so many different topics in one place at one time.

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