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    Funding for homeopathy on the NHS in Bristol is ending. The Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine was the last in England to offer publicly-funded homeopathy, but Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group’s decision means treatment will now only be available in “exceptional circumstances”. Where does this leave patients who relied on the service? What care pathways are they being given instead? How do we start rebuilding NHS availability to all complementary therapies?

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    CCGs always go for low hanging fruit when they want to make cuts, and homeopathy and CAM are easy targets. Only problem is that it’s short sighted and means more health problems for patients in future.

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    The only thing that I care about is that clinical responsibility stays with doctors to treat their patients however they see fit, whether that is giving them homeopathy or anything else. It you take that away you damage the doctor-patient relationship and disempower doctors trying to do their job.

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