Prime Minister Answers Question on Homeopathy

Prime Minister’s Questions on 25th April brought something you don’t normally see in the weekly exchange in the House of Commons…a question on homeopathy.

Amidst the questions on Brexit and other political issues, David Tredinnick MP asked, ”Is my Right Honourable friend aware that according to the World Health Organisation, the second largest medical system in the world with 300,000 doctors treating two hundred million patients every year, is homeopathy. That’s the evidence, that’s evidence. Will my Right Honourable friend congratulate the doctors who are members of the Faculty of Homeopathy on their work in the Health Service and particularly dealing with cases that are too difficult to treat conventionally, and does she agree with me that homeopathic vets should be able to make their own minds up about whether they use homeopathy on its own or other treatments as well?”

Prime Minister Theresa May replied “Can I say to this Honourable Friend he has been a long standing advocate in this house for homeopathy, and obviously some patients who are treated in the NHS, and in the private sector are users of complementary and alternative therapies, but it is the responsibility of the local NHS to make decisions on the commissioning and funding of healthcare treatments, and to take account of issues around safety, clinical and cost effectiveness, and the availability of suitably qualified and regulated practitioners, and I think for all the issues that he’s addressed it is right that those who are professionally able to make these judgements are left to make those judgements.”

A predictable answer perhaps, but Theresa May referred to her notes more than any other question, so good to keep her on her toes!