The Integrated Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) has marked the first anniversary since its formation by thanking everyone who has supported its work throughout the year.

Despite a year filled with huge challenges for our field, caused by the global pandemic, the last 12 months has seen the IHC go from strength to strength, and it has quickly become the collective voice for our field. It is widely regarded as the largest, most diverse and ambitious bringing together of organisations in the complementary, traditional and natural healthcare field anywhere in the world. 

IHC members have demonstrated that our field can work effectively together with a collective voice. Their petition calling for a quick and risk based return to work for our therapists and practitioners raced to 20,000 signatures in just 2 weeks! They have taken up issues with governments across the UK to get clarity for therapists about ever changing legislation and regulations, often when our field has been marginalised and ignored. They have fought for assistance when our healthcare professionals have had to stop work, and faced financial hardship. They have, throughout, emphasised the great contribution that complementary, traditional and natural healthcare therapists and practitioners can bring to patients’ health and wellbeing. Every issue and campaign that our members take forward together makes our voice louder.

At the heart of the IHC is the knowledge and expertise of its member organisations, who have over 30,000 therapists and practitioners on their registers, and represent the very best in the field. As the IHC moves forward, its members will continue to work together on issues of concern and common areas of interest, make the case for increasing access to these therapies, and promote greater integration with conventional Western medicine in order to improve patient choices and outcomes within our healthcare system.

IHC thanks everyone for their continued support. Keep up-to-date with their work, campaigns and projects at Integrated Healthcare Collaborative.