• From Vicki S on Ingrid Collins

      Ingrid has helped me conquer all my fears and the illnesses that go with them. I lead a full happy life now!

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    • From Claudia F on Ingrid Collins

      Ingrid was my tutor in the foundation year of the Soul Therapy course. She is a lovely therapist, gentle but to the point! I highly recommend her work, she is like going to B&Q in therapy, skilled in a variety of modalities, she is ready to use as in when/if fits, she is experienced, and with a powerful but gentle presence that helps you forget your troubles! *on top of what I learned in the course, experiencing healing at the course, sort out my indigestion problems!

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    • From Penelope B on Ingrid Collins

      I have known Ingrid for over 7 years and attended her course on Soul Therapy which I found revelationary.
      Ingrid is an extremely knowledgeable and sympathetic teacher. An integral part of the course was observing Ingrid in session with clients, who gladly gave their permission. It was fascinating to watch Ingrid using her considerable expertise and gentle encouragement, and whatever challenges arose during the sessions, to see the end result which was often magical. On occasions, first time clients would say that ‘it was the best experience of their lives’. I would not hesitate to recommend Ingrid and her work. Nell Brown, Soul Therapy Practitioner, Healer, Animal Communicator.

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    • From Carolyne Hallett on Ingrid Collins

      Ingrid was my teacher and is still my inspiration. She is a wonderful teacher and healer. I can absolutely strongly recommend her – I have benefited so much from Ingrid’s work and teachings. She really does get the most wonderful results and I feel very blessed to have her as a teacher and mentor

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    • From Ingrid Collins on Carolyne Hallett

      Carolyne is an excellent homeopath and a compassionate, sensitive and intelligent healer. There are few people I would trust with my life, and I number Carolyne in that few.

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    • From Nicky J on Ingrid Collins

      I have being going to see Ingrid off and on for a long time since around 2005, when I have an issue with stress. Ingrid is amazing at working through the problems that cause the stress. I highly recommend her. 😀

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    • From Emma C on Tom Greenfield

      I was referred to Tom Greenfield’s clinic in 2014 via the Meningitis Now Charity. I had suffered with Viral Meningitis in 2013 at the age of 31. I had hit a really low point in trying to get my health back, suffering from migraines, fatigue, anxiety and generally struggling with day to day life. I had previously not heard of Cranial Osteopathy, however studies had shown that it could be beneficial in the longer term after affects of Viral Meningitis. I was willing to give anything a try and desperate for something to help. I was nervous at my first visit as I did not know what to expect, however when I arrived, Toms clinic was warm, friendly and welcoming with an ambiance of complete calm. Tom was patient with me, listened to my concerns and really understood the battle I was having. He was confident that he could help.
      I was nothing short of amazed by the changes and benefits I started to feel. The treatment I received from Tom was truly pivotal in my recovery, very quickly I started to feel so much better, my energy levels improved greatly. Over time headaches became fewer and fewer and far less intense and thankfully now, migraines are a complete rarity. For the first time since the meningitis I felt like I would be able to get back to my old self and could cope with life again. I could focus at work much better and the ‘fog’ I would feel in my brain cleared after every visit to Tom.
      Around 5 years on and now 36, I still see Tom for ‘maintenance’ visits. He has also helped with other ailments such as painful pulled muscles with the use of Acupuncture, again with fantastic results.
      I have never struggled to get an appointment with Tom and have always been made to feel that should I need an appointment last minute, his clinic would always try to accommodate.
      Each time I visit, I am met with the same warm welcome and feel the instant calm in his clinic. Each treatment is like pressing a reset button for my general health and well-being, my body feels like it can breath and I always feel instantly better.

      Tom is so knowledgeable, kind and calming. The most excellent of therapists, who I can’t recommend highly enough.

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