What is the hub for?

The Integrated Healthcare Partnership iCAMhub is the essential one-stop resource for integrated, complementary and natural healthcare in the UK.

By registering, users become part of a new growing community of people who believe in effective, patient-centred natural healthcare.

– Get involved in campaigns to promote or protect complementary and natural healthcare.
– Keep-up-to-date with current issues.
– Post comments and chat with other users.
– Advertise your events in What On.
– Find therapists with easy to use search panel.
– Read about therapists from other users with our feedback and rating system.

The iCAMhub has something for everyone.

It brings together patients, therapists and stakeholders, provides independent information on patient experiences, and creates a forum for networking with other like-minded people. The iCAMhub exists to improve the healthcare of the nation by furthering the development of, and access to, effective and appropriate integrated, complementary and natural healthcare treatments.

Your Guide to Using the iCAMhub

How to Register

Registration is an easy process. In addition, it is free for the set-up period for therapists, and free forever for patients and other users. If a user or therapist does not wish to continue at any time, or they do not believe that they are benefitting from having a profile on the iCAMhub, they can have their profile taken off at any time.

The iCAMhub is specifically designed to meet the needs of both therapists and patients.

Registration for Patients/Users

Users simply need to fill in a short registration form to create a profile and they will be able to rate therapists, advertise events, chat with other users, and use all of the other facilities on the iCAMhub.

Just look at the top right corner of the homepage, click “Register->user” and fill in the profile box (username, name, email and password), click “Finish” and your registration is complete. It only takes a minute.

Registration for Therapists

Therapists can quickly create a profile by clicking “Register->therapist” on the top right corner of the homepage. Creating a profile will include a therapist on our search database for patients to find. Therapists are able to provide details about themselves, their qualifications, and other information for users to read. Users will also be able to leave feedback on, and rate registered therapists, but also gives the therapist the opportunity to respond and leave comments on their reviews, helping them to engage with patients.

Much of complementary healthcare relies on word and mouth and personal recommendations. Therapists on the iCAMhub will have exposure to a wide number of users seeking advice on a range of common ailments, and patients will be able to hear first-hand about therapists from other users.

The iCAMhub is an environment in which both patients and therapists benefit.

Information is the most valuable resource for patients in deciding what treatment option to take. Reviews are not accepted from users where any incentive has been offered by the therapist. At the same time, libellous or fake reviews that are reported are removed from the site. The independence and accuracy of the comments and reviews are crucial to the success and integrity of the iCAMhub. In addition, therapists who create a profile which is not sufficiently complete to verify their authenticity, or whose affiliation to an organisation which is recognised by IHP is not known, may be removed without notice to protect the integrity and high standards of the iCAMhub.

The iCAMhub is the best resource available for therapists and patients of integrated, complementary and natural healthcare.

What’s On

Don’t miss out on important events in the CAM world by reading our What’s On section. Be first to reserve your place at a wide range of events, seminars and conferences.

Registered users can also post their own events. Add your own event by going to “My Account” in the top right corner of the homepage when logged in, and click “Add Event”.


This is an open forum which encourages positive debate. It provides an environment to keep up-to-date with the latest topics in complementary, integrated and natural healthcare, interact with other users, and discuss current issues.

Feel free to start your own chat topic or contribute to an existing one.


This is your chance to keep up-to-date and get involved in campaigns to protect and promote complementary, natural and integrated healthcare.

*Join our growing patient army
*Receive our newsletter
*Keep-up-to-date with what’s going on
*Fight for your right to choose natural and complementary healthcare

How to leave feedback on a therapist

Log into your account, or register and create an account as outlined above.

Enter the name of the therapist you want to leave feedback on in the “Find a Therapist” section on the homepage, or click on the therapist’s name if they are a “Featured Therapist”.

When the therapist’s profile is displayed, scroll down to the bottom where you are able to leave comments and a review.

Registered therapists can only leave comments on other therapists. Users can leave full reviews.

How do you use the Find a Therapist search section in the hub?


Patients/users may search for a therapist without registering on the iCAMhub.

There are 4 options.

– Insert the name of the therapist you are looking for in the search box.
– Insert the type of therapist you are looking for.
– Insert the condition which you would like advice on.
– Insert the condition and type of therapist you wish to consult.

Remember to insert your postcode, decide whether you want your results to be displayed by distance from your location or rating of the therapist, and click search.

Users cannot leave reviews and feedback as an unregistered user.

Users should not seek advice from therapists on this site in place of essential medical treatment for conditions which should be carried out under the supervision of a suitably qualified healthcare professional.